Comparison of Measurement Systems on Conducting RF-EMF Drive Test Campaign in Greek Urban and Suburban environments

Authors: S. Wang, W. Ben Chikha, Y. Zhang, J. Liu, M. Christopoulou, E. Karabetsos, A. Manassas, S. Iakovidis, C. Apostolidis, D. Babas, T. Samaras, J. Wiart;
Poster presented by Dr. Shanshan Wang

BioEM 2023, 18-23/06/2023, Oxford, United Kingdom



This work presents the downlink (DL) radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure monitoring campaign in two cities in Greece. The measurement of RF-EMF exposure is done by drive test method, in which three measurement systems are used and compared, i.e., Tektronix RSA 306B, Narda SRM 3006, and Narda NBM 550. The drive test focuses on the DL cellular frequency bands, which are from 750 MHz to 3800 MHz, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies. All the E-field probes from the three measurement systems are mounted on the top of the car, while their basic units are placed inside the car. The drive test measurements cover in total 44.87 km with an average vehicle speed of 15 km/h in two types of environment: urban and suburban. The measurement results from three measurement systems are compared in terms of sweep time, considered frequency band and total electric (E) field.