Monitoring of the exposure to electromagnetic fields with autonomous probes installed outdoors in France

Authors: Jawad, Ο.; Conil, E.; Agnani, J-B.; Wang, S.; Wiart, J.

Comptes Rendus. Physique 2024, Online first, pp. 1-21.


The study is based on a new temporal analysis of exposure based on the deployment of autonomous broadband E-field monitoring probes in many French cities. The combination of the probe’s data with frequency-selective in situ measurements performed by ANFR and the knowledge of the nearby base station antennas, allows to draw statistical conclusions on the exposure of the population. Indeed, the data collected by the probes reveal that different periodicities exist (seasonality, day/night). This paper shows that the monitoring probes are able to detect the seasonality of the exposure and provide analysis of correlation between monitoring probes and radio environment.