Recruitment of citizen advisory board

We are recruiting a citizen advisory board!

International Agency for Research on Cancer in cooperation with IU Internationale Hochschule is seeking members of the public who help design and development a digital game on mobile communication and health.

A digital game?

  • The game will be about science communication, i.e. how science is communicated with members of the public. Its topic is mobile communication (“5G”) and health.
  • Its aim is to foster a better understanding of science.
  • The game will be designed not only for “gamers”, but for everyone.

What is your role?

  • Together with 5-7 other people from various European countries, you become part of our Citizen Advisory Board (CAB).
  • As a member of the CAB, you advise us, the researchers (details on us on the next pages), in the game development.

What is your contribution?

  • As member of the CAB, you make key contributions to the content and functionality of the game.
  • You play pilot versions of the game and bring in your own ideas about the game.

What does participation look like?

  • You take part in monthly virtual meetings for six months.
  • You will take part in a face-to-face workshop (Munich, Germany: January 19 and 20, 2024).

Who are we looking for?

  • Several People (18+) from different European countries.
  • Academic laypersons, interested citizens, “gamers” and “non-gamers”.
  • A good knowledge of English is required (workshop language).

If you are interested, please contact us at by December 10, 2023 at:

Ljubica Zupunski (International Agency for Research on Cancer):
Christoph Böhmert (IU Internationale Hochschule):
Ferdinand Abacioglu (IU Internationale Hochschule):

Further details can be found in the invitation letter.