SEAWave Workshop at the BioEM2024 meeting

The SEAWave Workshop on Exposure Monitoring and Assessment took place today, 16 June 2024, at the BioEM2024 meeting in Chania and was attended by more than 40 people. One of the objectives of SEAWave is to characterize and monitor exposure to radiofrequency EMF generated by wireless communication networks. During the workshop, the research addressed in SEAWave and the respective conclusions were presented. In order to characterise exposure measurements were carried out outdoors, indoors, as well as in transportation, in several European countries via driving tests, spot measurements and exposimeters.
The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing in our daily life and provides a fantastic opportunity for EMF exposure assessment. During the workshop, presentations and discussions have addressed the question of the contribution of AI and neural networks to monitoring and mapping electromagnetic fields in complex environments.
Live demonstrations of two sensors used to collect data during the SEAWave measurement campaigns were given, one for recording user exposure to uplink emissions (DEVIN), and another for monitoring emissions from the network infrastructure (antennas).