4th GA meeting completed

Another General Assembly meeting concluded (the fourth in the row) with a lot of fruitful discussions regarding the findings of the work done in the several WorkPackages. The meeting took place in an elegant hotel at the center of Rome. Around 65 participants attended the meeting (both on site and online).

There were two parallel sessions, where partners from the different Work Packages presented their work and discussed how to solve the challenges raised during the previous months.

Furthermore, there was a visit to the laboratories of ENEA – Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development – where the project’s most recently completed exposure system was presented to the partners. The rodent experiments with the help of this exposure system will start this week.

The family photo could not be missing from the meeting’s tasks, which drew the curtains on the 4th SEAWave GA meeting. Thank you ENEA for the hospitality!