Mapping the Exposure from Cellular Networks Using a Mobile App in an Urban Environment

Authors: Delidimitriou, S.; Babas D.; Samaras, T.

2024 Panhellenic Conference on Electronics & Telecommunications (PACET), Thessaloniki, Greece, 2024, pp. 1-4, doi:10.1109/PACET60398.2024.10497060.


This study is based on a drive test measurement campaign in the urban environment of Thessaloniki, Greece, utilizing three identical smartphones connected to different providers and a portable exposimeter to collect data on electromagnetic radiation from mobile networks. The investigation specifically addresses the impact of neighbor cells in the process of assessing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). We study the correlation between RSRP values obtained from a mobile app and power density flux from the exposimeter. The results demonstrate that considering only the main and the first three neighbor – alternative cells from each provider can allow for an improved estimation of the spatial variation of exposure to EMF. Notably, the study underscores the practicality of using smartphones with low-cost applications as an effective alternative to expensive instruments for such assessments.

You can download the paper from here