Performance Evaluation of DEVIN at a Low Sampling Frequency

Authors: Taghrid Mazloum, Serge Bories, and David Dassonville;
Poster presented by Dr. Serge Bories

BioEM 2023, 18-23/06/2023, Oxford, United Kingdom



In the context of epidemiological studies, the personal miniaturized electromagnetic (EM) exposimeter DEVIN allows collecting data from volunteers in their daily life. DEVIN allows identifying the user activities along the day as well as recording the power emitted by the mobile phone at both the cellular and WiFi frequency bands. This occurs at a certain sampling frequency. The critical challenge of DEVIN is to keep it logging data as long as possible during a whole day. It has been seen that decreasing the sampling frequency from 100 Hz to 10 Hz increases the battery autonomy from almost 6 to 11 hours. Therefore, we intend in the present work to evaluate the performance of DEVIN with a sampling frequency of 10 Hz, for two various signals types, i.e., voice over LTE (VoLTE) and data uploading signals.